A positive emotional health allows people to realize their full potential, cope effectively with daily life challenges, work productively and make meaningful contributions to the society that we are living in. Studies reveal that at least 13.7% of India’s general population has various mental health issues. Irrespective of their age, the children and adolescents are also prone to various problems like anxiety, exam fear, childhood depression, suicide, drug abuse, behavioural addictions (social media websites, internet, video games, sexuality) etc.

Our experts work with school children, adolescents, teachers, and parents to understand the changes and challenges that the children undergo at this age and helps them to come up on their own.

Module mode and duration:

1. Information and awareness programs:

  • A two and half hours of awareness talk followed by question and answers covering the common characteristics of adolescence, problems, and challenges.
  • Two hours of awareness talk for teachers to understand children’s psychology, teaching-learning process, etc.
  • Two hours of awareness talk for parents on children’s and adolescents’ problems and parenting skills
  • A maximum of 200 audiences will be engaged at a time.

2. Individual counselling:

We conduct one-to-one counselling for children and adolescents with common problems like exam fear, stage fear, social and specific anxieties, phobias, depression, scholastic backwardness, etc. Our counselling experts use different counselling techniques, eclectic approach, and cognitive behaviour therapy to deal with them. Severe problems, if any, which require special attention and medical care, are referred to proper channels.