Adolescence is the right age to make a decision regarding career choice and begin its preparation. Career planning is a scientific process and needs to be taken under proper guidance and care of professionals. There are five factors which must be taken into consideration while determining a career choice: Interest, Ability, Aptitude, Personality, and Values of the person. Our experts support schools, colleges, and individual students in creating career awareness and gives individual support in exploring one’s career choice.

Module mode and duration:

Group Career awareness programs and training:

Career awareness programs are conducted for pupils who are studying in schools. These curricula involve two major aspects of career: Why and how a career is planned and What are the career options available after 10th/PUC. A maximum of 200 students is included in one session.

Individual career testing and counselling:

 We conduct a one-to-one counselling session that helps adolescents to explore their career options. A set of scientific tools like interest inventories, personality inventories, and aptitude tests are used to figure out the student’s current level of emotional quotient, understand and help accordingly.

It is not only education that builds a career but also certain skill sets that are a prerequisite for each profession. Thus, the skill level required for their choice of profession is analysed and the adolescents are helped in understanding how these skills can be developed and what are the opportunities that can be used to develop the skills at their current age.