About Vilokana


Vilokana is a group of like-minded professionals who hold expertise in Theatre and Emotional wellbeing like drama, Puppetry, Dance, Cinema, Mime, Documentary films, Adolescent mental health, Emotional wellbeing and Career counselling and guidance.

Our vision is to build a conscious and sensible citizen by strengthening and rejuvenating the creative faculty of the person. We firmly believe theatre as an art form is a means and an end to an enriched and colourful life.

Foundation for Artist and Craftsmen Empowerment (FACE)

Vilokana is a unit of Foundation for Artist and Craftsmen Empowerment (FACE), a registered organization that has been working for the livelihood and creative contribution of the artists and craftsmen since 2011.

Our experts endeavor in programs that are tailor-made to suit your requirements. We cater training programs and theatre productions that will enhance one’s ability in exploring life through theatrical dimensions. We do training and awareness programs on adolescence mental health, emotional wellbeing and career guidance. Our programs are well-built to accommodate both the professional artists as well as novices like children, adolescents, youth, teachers, teacher educators and parents.

Our modules are devised on the framework of modern theatre theories, eastern classical literature, theories of knowledge construction, policies related to education, and adolescent education programs. The experience and competence of the mentors add a practical dimension to these modules.